Alicia Chen Zhao

Loan Originator

(650) 544-3789
DRE 01351874 | NMLS 305774

Alicia is a knowledgeable, caring and trustworthy mortgage consultant. Since 2002, she has patiently and successfully guided over one thousand people to realize their home ownership dreams and to build their wealth from real estate investment through personal mortgage planning.

Alicia was the host of a Chinese TV show called, Life 100% “生活百分百” on Comcast Ch. 32 and KCNS Channel 38.5 digital TV. Alicia showed viewers how to leverage market trends and optimize investment opportunities with mindful mortgage planning and market timing strategies.

You can feel good that Alicia has the ability to communicate with a variety of people in the financial industry. She effectively influences banks and lenders to make sure her clients get their loans funded.

In Alicia’s words, she says ...
What Does Alicia Do?

Most people think that my job is to lock a rate, and that’s it. Well, the actual process to obtain adequate financing is more complicated. Mainly, I do three things for you:

Consulting -
As your consultant, I will ask you profound and insightful questions to discover the important goals you have for you and your family. Then I will craft a very specific, strategic mortgage plan to make sure you reach your goals. I will appropriately define the problems I can foresee and prepare you ahead of time before you even make an offer.

Negotiating –
As your consultant, I treat your money as if it were my own. Lock extensions are extremely costly. I negotiate rigorously with underwriters when necessary to avoid expensive lock extension fees.

Overseeing transactional details –
Every transaction involves hundreds of phone calls, and each one of them is overloaded with critical details. There are no fewer than 10 people from 10 different industries who get involved during your transaction – from title officers to underwriters to appraisers, etc. One of my greatest skills is to see things from multiple perspectives, so I can identify unintended consequences.


Alicia is a smart, responsive professional who is on the top of my list of preferred mortgage providers due to her integrity, knowledge and expertise. The mortgage industry has become so complex that working with a savvy professional is key to completing the transaction. In all of our interactions, professionally and personally, I have found Alicia to be consistent, reliable, and quick to respond. I value these traits when working with business owners - Alicia is always one step ahead of me in terms of process and making sure that everything is in order. I highly recommend Alicia for all of your mortgage needs.

Geraldine Barry, President of San Jose Real Estate Association

have had the pleasure of refinancing with Alicia. We brought lots of unusual requirements to our refinance since we were moving back to our residence, but wanted to start the refinance process while we were still out of state. We also needed to work with Alicia over the phone even after we moved back. She helped us navigate all the complex requirements and rules, and very patiently explained the intricacies and choices to us. In the end, we got an amazing rate -- and Alicia went the extra mile to get it lowered even further since rates had continued to drop.

Jonathan Feinstein

A very good friend of mine recommended Alicia to me when I was buying a townhouse 10+ years ago. I am so happy to have been given the gift of this connection with Alicia because she has since helped me with at least 3 other finance/refinance transactions, both personal and rental, and with each transaction I realize more and more how important it is to have Alicia on my team! Alicia's attention to detail, willingness to do the heavy lifting with little input from me, and her follow through make her an excellent mortgage consultant. I have recommended Alicia to my friends and they too love working with her because she 'gets it done' and does it with the highest quality!

Adele MacLean

When buying our first home, there were so many unknowns, but once we found Alicia, we felt at ease. Alicia really treated us as a priority and worked hard to help us get the loan scenario that best suited us. She kept us well informed along the way, so it was also a comfortable learning process for us. We always knew all the options available to us to be able to make the best decision, and the best part was, we didn't have to hound Alicia for the information. She offered all the options to us and explained them in detail before asking us to decide. Alicia is extremely trustworthy, easy to work with and complete in her work. We would recommend her in a heart beat to our friends and family, and we definitely plan to use Alicia for our next home.

Vishal & Reena Shah