Vivian Xiaofan Zheng

Loan Originator

(408) 802-3893
DRE 01368220 | NMLS 253492

Since 2003, Vivian Zheng has been focused on assisting individuals to obtain the best loans for their situation. By establishing relationships with a wide variety of lenders, Vivian is able to identify lenders with superior terms and conditions. She is widely recognized for her ability to has developed a niche in helping individuals who have unique situations and needs including individuals with temporary work authorization to the documentation of income from businesses and other assets.

Vivian is one of the top loan officers in the Bay Area, having originated more than $850 million dollars in loan volume and helped hundreds of homeowners realize savings through refinance transactions as well as helping numerous families attain the dream of home ownership. Utilizing her business education combined with her diligent approach in ensuring she matches applicants with the right product and terms for their specific situation, her customers enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that they have selected a loan that fits their needs.

Vivian speaks English and Mandarin.


Vivian was recommended to us through an acquaintance. We had our first home loan, refinance and the second home loan all with Vivian. This tells how much we love her. In the battle field of Bay Area real estate market, get the budget right is the first step, and furthermore she is always the strongest and most reliable resource in financing who has made the whole process a lot painless.

1). She is very organized and detail oriented. After our initial talk, she sent us a list of requested items the same day to streamline the process. The list is highly customized, catering for our needs.
2). Vivian knows her stuff. She is SUPER clear and sharp in numbers. The budget is very close to our limit, and the closing estimates are very close to the actual expenditure.
3). Vivian is very responsive, over text, emails and phone calls.
4). Vivian has our best interest in mind. On the second home loan, she advised me to save more reserve for emergency and new home set up, instead of pursuing a larger down payment. It turned out she was totally correct about it.
5). Vivian is very responsible and resourceful. She maintained great relationship with several banks and loan underwriters. There were several hidden rocks in our loan processing (like, unexpected visa situation), but she managed to either solve it or work around it. If anything looked like it may delay, she followed up immediately.

We felt extremely fortunate to have Vivian helping us with our loans. Highly recommended.

Jie Z. (Engineer)

Vivian Zheng is one of the best loan officers and persons. Grateful to have her around!

Vivian was highly recommended as a loan officer to me when I was still living in Silver Spring, Maryland. She timely helped acquire a big mortgage for me to buy a house in San Jose, California where house prices were, and are, still double. As timely as it could be, I was able to move from Silver Spring straight into my own new house in San Jose.

Vivian later helped acquire a new mortgage having a much shorter term and lower interest rate when mortgage interest rates in market had dropped significantly to justify a refinance of the big mortgage. I’m grateful.

Vivian is vigilant to needs of her clients. She is fair and transparent to all parties involved. I have bought 7 houses in the past 30 years through a dozen of loan officers. Vivian brings best results exceeding expectations!

Nguyen H. (Patent Examiner for US Patent and Trademark Office)

I been working with Vivian for last 5 years, had done couple of refinances and quite a few approvals.

She is very responsive, customer centered more than anything, very patient . Due to my work schedules some times (most of :) ) I was lazy to check rates. Vivian is always there for us to alert us on the right decisions. She is into details takes care of lot of leg work and her transactions are always smooth and on time. We will give her 5 star for her dedication, strongly recommend for anyone out there looking for mortgage loan products.

Leela E. (Engineering Manager)